P-Log 6 : Exploring Lancaster, CA.

On 4/15/17, my roomate Mitch and Minnesota friend Linnea decided to make a spontaneous trip from LA to scout some locations for sunset near LA. We all felt like we needed an inspirational trip so we decided to drive out with no real agenda. 

I have always wanted to visit the old movie set where Devil's Rejects was filmed also the Kill Bill Church, but wasn't really sure how hard it was to get there.

Hope you enjoy...

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Mitch Delaney -     https://www.instagram.com/courage_craft/?hl=en

Linnea Stefphan -  https://www.instagram.com/linneastephan/?hl=en




Mitch searching for more desert bones.

I think people party here.

This is Oscar, the owner of the Kill Bill Church, he was nice enough to give us a tour and history of the building.